Leaves and hot chocolate in white teacup over white blanket on hardwood

DIY Fall Design Trends for Your Front Porch

Sep 12, 2022
Decorating your perfect fall porch does not have to be a hassle! Check out some easy fall decorating tips to make your porch fall ready.
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Green ladder leaning against partially painted beige wall in white renovated room with drop cloth and tools on ground

Looking to Hire a Contractor? What You Should Know

Aug 09, 2022
Home Renovations are a costly undertaking and it's vital to ensure you are protecting yourself and your largest asset when you hire a contractor. Check out some of these considerations before you begin the work.
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Two girls with brown hair and sunglasses swimming in pool with floaty ring. Square photo

What you need to know if you are considering building a pool

Jul 12, 2022
If you're considering building a pool, it's important to understand all of the considerations and implications of that decision for you and your home. Read about what you should know before you build.
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100th Anniversary Feature Rendering

Looking Back on 100 Years of Indianapolis Home Shows

Jan 17, 2022
Take a trip down memory lane with us! For our centennial anniversary we're building a special feature to give visitors the chance to see and experience the past.
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Swoon-Worthy Table Settings for All Occasions

Jan 14, 2022
Find design inspiration for your table from local designers creating beautiful tablescapes at this year's show!
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Mina Starsiak Hawk

HGTV’S “Good Bones” Star Shares Reno Tips and Tricks

Jan 12, 2022
Mina Starsiak Hawk from HGTV's "Good Bones" returns to this year's show. Check out some fun Q&As with our local celeb!
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a fresh head of cauliflower held in someones hands

From the Veggie Patch: Harvesting Your Cauliflower

Aug 03, 2020
New Gardener Nick is ready to walk you through knowing when and how to harvest your cauliflower.
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A green tomato on the vine

From the Veggie Patch: Suckering Your Tomatoes

Jul 27, 2020
Do you know when to sucker your tomato plants? Do you know how? Nick walks us through this important step to increase your tomato plant yield.
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A single jar of rhubarb jam in the sunlight

Jam at Home: Keeping Summer Fruit All Year Round

Jul 20, 2020
Get in touch with your inner homesteader and make great tasting memories with our guide to jam.
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no- knead bread thumbnail

A Beginner’s Guide to Baking Bread at Home

Jul 14, 2020
Bread making is a great way to take up some spare time and make something with your hands. If you're looking to add bread making to your repertoire? Check out our guide to No-Knead Bread!
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Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Musts

Feb 20, 2020
Is your space ready for summer? Add these maintenance items to your spring cleaning list to help keep your home comfortable this season (and next!).
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Gardening for Beginners: 3 Tips to Get Started

Feb 12, 2020
No green thumb? No problem! We've got three simple tips to help make your garden dreams a reality.
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Kitchen Inspiration: Backsplashes We Love

Feb 01, 2020
One of the elements that can really set the tone of your kitchen is the backsplash. To help inspire you, we've shared some of our favorite looks and styles.
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snappy services logo

Exhibitor Spotlight: Snappy Services LLC

Jan 13, 2020
We took the time to have a quick chat with Jerry Snapp of Snappy Services LLC, a local area plumbing and drain specialist and exhibitor at this year's show. Check it out to see what his top tips are for your home.
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At the Indianapolis Home Show Davis Homes Crafts a Classic, Yet Contemporary, Centerpiece Home

Jan 07, 2020
Davis Homes is showcasing its Woodford floor plan with a Modern Prairie exterior design elevation. This one-story home welcomes you with a dramatic volume foyer and an open gourmet-style kitchen, flowing comfortably into an expansive great room.
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This Year's Indianapolis Home Show's Marketplace in South is a Treasure Trove

Jan 06, 2020
Find everything from affordable furniture to unique knick knacks at Marketplace in South. Featuring artisans with the Artisan Markets Indianapolis & Seek and Find Furniture and Home Décor and more!
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Steal the Look: Designer Inspirations

Jan 03, 2020
Check out the “Steal the Look” feature to learn about on-trend designs and how to design an upscale look on a budget. Plus, find the designers on stage at the Home Show for a fun, interactive “Price is Right”-like experience on Sunday, January 19 and Sunday, January 26.
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Christmas Cookie

Baking 101: Simple Tips Worth Trying

Dec 03, 2019
Baking is a science and when you add in a distraction (or ten) treats don’t always come out as planned. Avoid baking woes this holiday season with our favorite culinary hacks.
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Everydry Waterproofing

Sponsor Spotlight: Everydry Waterproofing

Nov 17, 2019
Get the scoop on 2020 Indianapolis Home Show sponsor Everdry Waterproofing.
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C and J Water

Keep It Simple! With C&J Water And C&J Well Co.

Nov 12, 2019
Advice for every Indianapolis homeowner ahead of the Indianapolis Home Show. By Isaac J. Evans.
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