More Q&A with “Good Bones” Star Mina Starsiak

Jan 18, 2018, 14:27 PM
With a passion for rehabilitating homes, Mina Starsiak is the daughter of mother-daughter duo “Two Chicks and a Hammer” from the HGTV show Good Bones. In this Q&A, Mina talks about home upgrades and her New Year’s resolution!

Karen and Mina

Q: Would you rather upgrade your closet, bathroom or kitchen?
Mina: "Kitchen."

Q: What are your best outdoor décor tips?
Mina: "String lights! They’re appropriate all year round in any setting."

Q: Could you live in a tiny home?
Mina: "No way! I’m far too unorganized, and my husband would kill me."

Q: Which HGTV/DIY Network star would you most like to work with and why?
Mina: "Clint Harp — he’s just the nicest human alive and super-talented and funny."

Q:  What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you think you’ll keep it?
Mina: "I don’t usually do them … I try to make and keep commitments year-round. But this year — it might be 'get pregnant!'"

Two Chicks and a Hammer
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