Decorate Your Space with Unique Pieces from the Artisan Markets

Jan 9, 2019, 16:14 PM
Sick of finding the same gray end table online again and again? The Artisan Markets boast more than 100 small local business owners whose handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to spice up any house, and they will be featured at the Indianapolis Home Show.

The Artisan Markets is an online marketplace showcasing high-quality, refinished and hand-crafted furniture. It was created to offer Midwest furniture artisans a platform on which to sell their furniture without having to pay commissions and fees. In addition to the furniture offered, all artisans provide custom painting and refinishing services — updating furniture and decor you already own by painting, refinishing or making structural modifications and repairs.

Artisan Market

“I’ve been painting furniture more than 20 years,” said BJ Massa, founder of Junk’d Up and co-owner of The Pickled Pair. “Inspiration comes from all over the place — an old barn door or unique window from a local shop.” All artisans are located in Indiana or the surrounding states, and they all offer delivery — on a mission to bring excellent craftsmanship and originality to appreciative buyers.

“A trend we see coming for 2019 is color,” Massa said. “What happens on the coasts slowly makes its way to the Midwest, and that means away with the gray interiors. Brighter colors are coming, and I couldn’t be happier about it being a breath of fresh air when it comes to design.”

Indianapolis Home Show attendees can purchase finished pieces to decorate their homes as well as speak with the artisans in person. Ever wonder how much time and work goes into their décor and accessories? They can answer all your burning questions and even give you some inside advice.

Stop by the Artisan Markets in the South Pavilion to find out how you can make the old new again. See them on the Unilock Outdoor Living Main Stage Jan. 21-24 and check them out on Instagram @tamindianapolis.

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