Steal the Look: Designer Inspirations

Jan 3, 2020, 16:00 PM
In this year’s Steal the Look feature, local Indianapolis-area designers Liz Henderson, Jessica Madison and Jenny Hollander are taking a blank 20x30-foot space and turning it into a designer’s dream — at an affordable price! These designers offer a vignette of designer-inspired looks throughout the home, complete with landscaping.
“This year we've put together a team of three designers to create an open-flow, studio space to be on display,” Henderson said. “We're excited to feature a bedroom by Jenny Hollander, dining room by Jessica Madison and living room I’ll be working on, all in an open-concept setting. Our styles will be distinct, but our color palette neutral, allowing for a unique collaboration and space flow.” 
Jessica trends toward farmhouse style, Jenny more toward modern, and Liz falls somewhere in between. It will be a special design collaboration that offers something for everyone!
“I’m always inspired by the tradition farmhouse vibes of chippy white wood and textures, but I’m also drawn to the boho trend,” Madison said. “I always buy things I know can be used in other spaces when I need a new look in certain rooms. I love to mix new items with older, thrift store finds to not break the bank.”
“The main idea I’ve designed the bedroom space around is a black, metal canopy bed, which is very on trend right now,” Hollander said. “I am pairing this modern bed with a vintage rug to give a cozy and comfortable feel.” Always designing on a budget, Jenny typically “splurges” on just a couple pieces in the room she absolutely loves. “If every time you walk into a room, that piece you splurged on makes you smile, it’s worth the investment,” she said.

“Decorating and re-doing a room can intimidate people as they don't know where to begin,” Henderson said. “During our stage presentations, we're excited to play a fun little game based on the ‘Price is Right,’ showing attendees how you can achieve high style for less with a few tricks of the trade. We'll use pieces just as nice that look high-end but cost way less. Our hope is that attendees leave inspired to tackle their own space — even with a minimal budget.”

Check out the “Steal the Look” feature to learn about on-trend designs and how to design an upscale look on a budget. Plus, find the designers on stage at the Home Show for a fun, interactive “Price is Right”-like experience on Sunday, January 19 and Sunday, January 26.
Jessica Madison Can be found on Instagram at @jessicamadisonhome and on their website at, Jenny Hollander Can be found on Instagram at @hollanderhomestyle and on their website at & Liz Henderson Can be found on Instagram at @thehendyhouse